On-Disc DLC For Dreamcast Game Unlocked, 17 Years Subsequently

Flogian Bros. was a Sega Dreamcast game developed by Visual Concepts( who currently works on 2K Game’ sports titles) and released in 2001. Sporting an “episode 1” after its title, video games seemed to part of something larger that never resulted, including twelve months of DLC for the first episode. While we’ll likely never find episode two, we can at least take solace in the fact that the DLC is ultimately available.

As reported on Retro Gaming Mag, three of the developers behind video games( Tim Meekins, Nick Jones, and John Elliott ), have delved back into the on-disc security measures they initially implemented and circumvented it in order to help release each of the 12 pieces of DLC on Dreamcast Live, where fans can set the files on the Dreamcast’s VMU( Virtual Memory Unit) and play them in the original game. This is a pretty cool move for the trio, who still work at the company that helped release the game.

To find what Flogian Bros. looks like, you can watch( in the mother of all coincidences since I’ve started working here at Game Informer ) Kyle Hilliard and Ben Reeves play video games with comedian Jackie Kashian on this very website. You can watch a quick recap of what happened( and take a look at the DLC items, if you’re curious) here.

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