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If you follow this channel, actually I want to know how long you followed this channel in the comments section.. Let me know how long have you actually been subscribed How long have you been part of team chaos, there’s a good chance If you have you’re a fan of first-person shooters Like I am now FPS games are some of the most popular games in the world right now Thanks to titles like Call of Duty counter-strike Halo and many many more but one thing that people criticize many shooters for is the fact that they are sold for $60 or more and then they barely have any content because they expect you to just play the multiplayer and by Microtransactions. Well today my friends today. We’re gonna change that up I decided to put together a list of shooters that are the exact opposite of that common criticism.

What’s up guys chaos here today We’re gonna go over ten of the best three First-person shooters that are better in some cases then there’s $60 counterparts. Let’s get into it at number 10, let’s start off with call of duty on Line, this is unfortunately a Chinese exclusive game to Villa by Raven Software and published by Activision now Call of Duty online Was first released in January of 2015 in an open beta which is where it remains today and it is free-to-play. That’s right It’s the best of Call of Duty game that features tons of fan favorite maps modes weapons customization items killstreaks and more from the entire Call of Duty franchise it’s like they took everything and just Melted it into one game if you’re someone who has been wishing for Call of Duty and you just want a full Throwback game with all the elements that made it great in The first place caught on line is literally that exact game The only problem is the fact that it’s exclusive to China while getting it to work on an American PC as possible It’s extremely difficult you’ll be dealing with 200 to 300 ping in every match and I really really hope that Activision sees the Possibilities of making caught online a global game because they could make absolutely Bank off of this Next up we have another PC shooter that was initially released on PC and consoles But the console versions were discontinued after a while for unknown reasons I’m talking about Warface initially released in 2013 for the PC and then the next year for the 360 It is a modern military FPS with many similarities to caught in Counter Strike you pick From one of four available classes sniper rifle Minh engineer medic and then you work with your team to accomplish various goals and objectives in either PvP or PvE Modes while the game has faced some criticism in recent years due to a new publisher taking over and introducing more Microtransactions, the game itself is very popular right now, and there are Xbox one and ps4 ports coming out later this year So if you never got a chance to try it You’re going to soon and I’m gonna be trying it for console when it comes out at number eight today Unturned this is an indie game available on Steam developed by smartly dressed games and designed and programmed by one single man named Nelson Sexton it entered early access in steam in 2014, and it finally got a full release in July of 2017 and ever since then it has been received extremely Well by gamers Unturned is a first-person survival game with a blocky Minecraft inspired art star where you drop into the map and then you have to look for materials and weapons to fight off the zombie Invasion, there are various different ways to play this game and there’s even a battle royale type mode called arena where players spawn in the dead center of a map have to look for weapons and then of course be The last person standing liking a hunger game So if you want something unconventional for a survival game unturned maybe what you’ve been looking for.

This month’s giveaway is for a new PlayStation 4 console all you have to do to enter is drop a like on this video be subscribe to the channel and turn on your Notifications, so you never miss an upload and in the comments section Let me know why you want to win the ps4 And include your Twitter handle so I can contact you if you’re the winner the winner will be announced at the end of the month a Demur 7 deceit horan guns usually don’t go well together because of how much horror actually gets eliminated Once you get the player a gun however deceit is one of the few gun based horror games It actually manages to pull this off released on Steam in March of 2017 Deceit is a horror multiplayer FPS where you and a group of other players find yourself in an abandoned Asylum in a third of you are infected with a virus that turns you into terrifying creatures the Non-infected have to run around look for weapons materials escape the asylum but one piece without getting slaughtered It is a very interesting and unique take on a more Asymmetrical gameplay style cut kind of like evolve I guess But if there was more than one monster would actually it be fun shots fired involve at number six quake champions this is one of the most important and influential video games in the history of the industry every time it’s in one of my Lists, I want to make sure everybody knows that I know it fell out of style in the early 2000s The original quake was released all the way back in 1996 But the last main game in the series was quake 4 in 2005 and id Software Bethesda are teaming up again to try to bring it back into the spotlight with the upcoming quake champions Which I am absolutely excited about it’s currently playable in early access quake champions is going to bring the series back to its roots with a very fast-paced arena shooter gameplay tons of weapons and abilities and Plenty of blood and gore if you like that thing as announced at e3 2018 the game is $30 for early access on Steam but the full release will be free-to-play so Definitely keep an eye out for this one because it should be hitting full release by the end of this year Cracking you to the top 5 today, we’re gonna go with planetside 2 if you were a fan of Large-scale battles and I mean large, okay, like battlefield battlefront You’re probably gonna love planetside 2 much like the name suggests.

This game is huge an Absolutely, huge first-person shooter battlefield with some of the biggest Maps in the history of the genre Supporting up to you ready for this 2,000 players on a single server each team scours the map for weapons vehicles and equipment you all compete for control the planet Planetside 2 also holds the Guinness world record for the biggest first-person shooter battle which was awarded to them with a battle of over eleven hundred and fifty eight players all Fighting at once planetside 2 is currently free to play on Steam.

Give it a go let’s go back to quake kind of we’re gonna talk about Unreal Tournament at number four in the Unreal Tournament series is a very influential one that helped shape the first-person shooter genre as well as the multiplayer shooter genre as a whole but it has kind of fallen out of style just like quake did and Just like what that is doing with quake Epic Games is going to do with Unreal Tournament The series reboot is simply titled Unreal Tournament It’s currently free to play via early access through the EPIK launch of the game is being developed as a side project by epic employees as a Passion project and there isn’t really any read I mean, there’s no release date for it But it’s definitely Going to be a ton of fun to get in to mess around with and relieve the feelings you got while playing the old-school unreal Games if you ever did it I’m sure you’ve heard of the Unreal Engine, right if you have the epic launcher installed go give Unreal Tournament a try and number three paladin’s This is a hero shooter it heavily inspired by games like over watching Team Fortress 2 so much that many people call it No, they call it a straight ripoff of overwatch But I’m not about to open up that can of worms for this specific video much like overwatch in tf2 paladins has you select a hero from your arsenal and go out to complete objectives and work together as a team in this very very colorful world This is more about teamwork Than it is about running around and getting a ton of kills to make your Katy look super impressive if you’re a fan of overwatch Or a fan of tf2 or both if you’re looking for another game to play Check out paladins on steaming consoles because it’s on this list.

Which means it’s free a number two This is a criminally underrated first-person shooter that is free on Steam right now dirty bomb it mixes the gameplay of games like Cod Counter Strike Team Fortress 2 and others and it is a class-based shooter with various characters for you to pick from but the gameplay is more like Call of Duty or Counter Strike and after the black ops 4 beta I can honestly see a lot of people starting to pick up dirty bomb after playing vo4 because they are very Very similar when you get down to it If you didn’t get enough of the Biot for beta I suggest downloading dirty bomb and giving it a try the player base is small but it is a ton of fun and definitely worth waiting a bit to get in a server to mess around with and Finally the legendary Team Fortress 2 takes our number one spot today You probably expected this to be number one, right? tf2 is one of the most legendary and influential games of all time and for good reason initially released in October of 2007 as a paid game it was changed to a free-to-play game in mid 2011 and now supports itself using microtransactions for cosmetic items like the now famous hats the game plays a Class-based objective FPS where you pick one of the various characters available and you have to work with your teammates to complete those various Each class is super unique and handles differently than the others making certain maps and objectives better for certain Classes and honestly worse for others the gameplay was very very innovative at the time and it ended up inspiring future games like overwatch paladins and even the upcoming black ops for this game has Tested time this game has been through the wringer and it still over ten years later is still Being played still a top-10 game on Steam So definitely check it out If you haven’t n once again It’s free and there you have it my friends that is a list of ten free FPS games that are potentially better than $60 FPS games There’s gonna come a point where these big boys are gonna have to realize.

Hey, we want good content We also want it free you guys Let me know Which of these games you think could go up against the triple-a titles that you have to pay money for which of these games is? Your favorite on the list Hope you guys enjoyed if you did take a second to drop a like it’s free to do make sure you’re subscribed to make sure You have your notifications on for future videos.

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