Can This Gaming PC Play ANTHEM for Under $250….!?

Then over here we came into another problem where the motherboard run just isn’t going to cut us what is cracka lackin ladies and gentlemen today we are building a gaming pc for the newly released title anthem it’s on the origin EA’s platform it cost around 40 USD and it’s been getting some mixed reviews people are saying it’s good some people are saying it’s stuttering the performance on PC is pretty bad we’re gonna be checking all that out today but let’s move over now to the minimum and recommended specs and then compare that to what we have on the table so the recommended specs state that you’d either want to have an i7 4790 that’s 1/4 Gen Intel processor 4 cores 8 threads or you’d want to have a risin 1300 X and that’s I four core four threaded CPU but it’s also newer than the 4th Gen Intel and then for the graphics card they’re recommending either a GTX 1060 or an Rx 480 which is sort of mid-range graphics cards released about two years ago so it doesn’t look like it’s that demanding but looking at the minimum required specs we’re going back like nearly seven years now to a Radeon 7970 for the graphics card a gigabytes of memory and a Core i5 or if you know named the CPU they’re recommending an FX 6350 so what we got on a table here is kind of like a mix between the recommended and minimum specifications because we’re going with that fourth gen Core i5 has well this is an i5 4590 so it does have four cores four threads but it does have decent clock speeds so hopefully it doesn’t present too much of a problem we’ve got to offset sticks of ddr3 memory we will put these in dual channel this will make eight gigabytes of system memory hopefully I’m able to overclock this stuff a little bit for the graphics card we’re going with an Rx 570 I got this for fifty US dollars so is an absolute bargain some of the best price performance of course if you can find deals like that then you’re gonna be miles ahead especially against going with new parts and then for this case here this is the Antec or Lindley I picked it up on a bargain for 15 Aussie dollars and make it like 10 US dollars and it is admittedly a little bit dirty but we’re gonna be giving all these parts some tech yes loving very soon and then of course making this PC look like brand-new and hopefully perform even better so techie ass lovin is all complete we’re now ready to put this thing together but I did cut myself on this heatsink down here it was so sharp around this corner lucky I learnt my lesson with my thumb not to apply too much pressure when I’m cleaning so it’s pretty good just a little nick on the surface there but let’s put this better than brand new gaming PC together so the pals flight isn’t long enough and we had to use a CPU extension there and then over here we came into another problem where the motherboard run just isn’t going to cut it so you’ve got to go like that and just doesn’t have enough reach because this power splay doesn’t have long enough cables in the case is actually really big so it’s not really the power supplies fault so we’re gonna remedy this by using cable extensions red and black cable extensions these will set you back probably around 20 to 30 dollars depending on what brand you use I got these cheap ones off eBay I think for these three pieces it’s about 20 USD so while we’re at it we’re gonna throw in $2 extra of red LEDs and also wise will spice off the CPU cooler with a red LED fan so here’s the build it’s all complete and I gotta say this build is just looking so amazing it come out a lot better than I thought it would and we’ve also got three fans up here three fans at the front one fan on the CPU two fans on the GPU and one fan on the power place is like 11 fans in this build and it’s still very quiet there now it’s time to install Windows 10 then after that anthem and if you guys are looking for a cheap Windows 10 key Pro Licence om as well legit single end-user license tied to your motherboard then today’s video sponsor ek has you covered for $after you use the coupon code TYC 20 and they’ve got paypal as well on check out very easy site to navigate I’ve used these keys myself they’re legit they check out they are single end-user license and if you’re also looking for an office 2016 Professional Plus key and get one of those for thirty three dollars and ten cents after you use that coupon code TYC 20 what are you guys waiting for if you’re looking for those legit keys since I think SCD keys have been out of them lately then ek offers have them in stock links in the description below let’s get back to the build I bet you missed these sound bites didn’t ya okay well they’re not going anywhere this guy UST to that’s fine sure to real sheep bad days faster so now the results are in for this PC and I’m just blown away by what this thing could do the i-5 4590 was smooth as butter and when we look at the results anthem first up high settings 62 average FPS 41 1% low 25.1% low so no hiccups whatsoever I decided to turn it down to medium settings but unfortunately with medium settings and all the other presets when you just try to turn off anti-aliasing for example because it doesn’t have SMA it’s my favorite anti-aliasing taa doesn’t look that good to me when I turn this off I have to then go to the custom presets and then it applies the ultra preset in this game sort is a little bit annoying to have to go then change everything I wish you could just put the preset in first and then just change individual settings from there but apparently I have to go past ultra and then change the settings from there so anyway high settings was absolutely doable on this PC at 1080p with the RX 578 gigs of ram and the 4590 with no hiccups whatsoever moving on to apex legends this is where things got even better and I took you guys advice to turn off the anti-aliasing in this as well because of the performance hits and this was extremely smooth as well 1080p high settings we’re getting like 85 FPS on average a 1% load of 50 and then a point 1 percent low of 45 I mean we’re looking at around a build cost of 218 US dollars for this build and if you’re in a stray 340 that’s after I put the red LED cooler in and the red LED strips and of course those black and red cable extensions now I checked the prices online for the cable extensions and they’re so cheap I don’t remember them being this cheap for a 8 pin PCIe extension for example it’s around three dollars and eighty ozzie cents which would be like under three US dollars delivered to your house and then for the 24 pin that was I think 11 Aussie dollars so it’d be like 8 US dollars so you could get the same custom extensions that I’ve got here for next to nothing and then for the CPU I actually didn’t have one that was actually another 8 pin so I just had to use that standard custom 8 pin CPU extension but it ended up working out well because you can barely see it and then the whole build came to life I mean let me know what you guys think of this build in the comment section below because I just think it turned out a lot better than I expected I thought it would end up looking like a potato but it ended up just looking like absolute class I mean the metal inside this case really reflects the LED lighting well especially at night time and then all the fans inside are whisper quiet even while we’re playing games and talking of power consumption is around I think 270 watts I think that’s what we saw our max load while we’re playing games with this combination but of course we had to add on some additional cost the game itself cost 40 US dollars we had to install Windows 10 Pro that cost an additional twelve dollars so those things do add to the actual tower itself unless you want to play Linux but I’m not sure if anthem and apex legends are currently supported in Linux correct me if I’m wrong but also guys another question I got asked about this PC was the rx 570 I posted it up on Instagram a sneak peek and it was true like I just noticed as well someone pointed out that hey you’ve been using this rx 570 over and over again and I’m thinking to myself yeah that’s kind of true but it’s not the same rx 570 guys like you know me when a good deal comes along I just have to take advantage of it so you know when you get an RX 570 for 50 US dollars you don’t just buy one you just keep buying them because you know that’s an absolute deal so that’s what I tell you guys all the time in the audience when you see a good deal regardless of whether you desperately need that piece or not always take a look and see what you can get for the money and then grab that piece because later on down the track you’ll probably be able to add that with something else for example if I found a heap of i-5 2400 systems and they’re really cheap I’d buy as many as I could because I know I could use them later and when it comes to PC flipping like or just building yourself a really good budget rig everything always balances out in the end so you always want to be looking for the best deals possible and that’s what these rx 570s are at the moment they’re just phenomenal value both on the use market and even in the new market if you go buy these things brand new I think I saw the going for like a hundred and ten US dollars brand-new on so they’re just going out everywhere and they’re the performance is insanely good at 1080p you’re usually talking better than a GTX 970 and you’re talking high settings on a lot of titles even coming out in 2019 at over 60 fps and then you can get a 1080p monitor and that’s dirt cheap as well you can pick them up for anywhere from like 30 to 50 US dollars and they’re still really good panels but it goes I hope you really enjoyed today’s video if you did then be sure to hit that like button also thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s video where I put together that potato I mean personally I love this thing a lot more it’s got a lot more class to it I just didn’t expect it sort of putting this together I thought okay what can we do here and then I sort of just happened by chance otherwise you would have still got ketchup and mustard and no LED lighting but I didn’t realize that for so cheap I think it’s like not even 30 US dollars you can spice up your build adding just really good class tool with the cable extensions the LED cooler and the LED strips and that just makes the build look totally different and I think in this way it’s actually a good look I mean honestly that’s not your thing in the comments because I just think these bling add-ons here they’ve come down a lot in price I mean the strip’s are a dollar each on eBay the cooler itself I think you can get them for 14 US dollars on Aliexpress and then the actual cable extensions themselves you can get them on eBay as well for very cheap so I’ll put all the links in the description below for some of the stuff that you can get readily available but keep in mind for some of these deals you will be paying more if you want to buy it now on the Internet as opposed to getting stuff locally for example the CPU motherboard a gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte hard drive I go that for an absolute bargain it’s about 114 US dollars 160 Aussie dollars from a contact who lives about 40 minutes up the highway from me but that’s what it’s all about here around tech ES City if you keep enjoying this content then you might want to consider subscribing hitting that Bell notification and also if you want to get that inside scoop before it even hits YouTube Instagram tech yes City and also big thanks to today’s video sponsor ek offers offering legit single end-user OAM licenses for Windows 10 Pro from the $11 92 vaults we got office 2016 Professional Plus office 2019 I’ll put the link for them in the description below to make sure you use the coupon code TYC 20 you get 20% off and I’ll catch you in another tech video very soon peace out for now bye you

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