Duke v. Kansas in 2018 Elite Eight (Full Game)

As you might expect just 210 miles from the Kansas campus in Lawrence a lot of support here for the Jayhawks Blue Devils the to Kansas the 1 seed here the lineups for freshmen for the Blue Devils with the senior and the lone captain Grayson Allen meanwhile It’s Graham and Mikayla the two seniors for Kansas appearing in this spot in the Elite Eight for the third straight year You saw Bagley as Ibuki navel tangles sermons Anderson airs the officials For down to five teams with a chance for the national championship one of these two heading to San Antonio after the next 40 minutes of action Tap to contain, it’s fine Bagley, but it’s chased down and The Duke Blue Devils are ready to go this Hill right now the Jayhawks go Little extra only fitting that for a random gonna start it.

I love it such a big game Harder the front of the RAM off the glass and a bounce stays McDo and Ralph that’s going to be so Important for Kansas defense Duke the best offensive rebounding team in the country that we found 39 percent of their misses They have to block out the interior bigs up. Do I think is either going to attack dope? No question about it get it inside to him as quickly as they can for the mismatch like this Bagley Trap goes around Vic bacala Hasmik high loop on them.

Not as Ibuki I think Trent’s could have a big game This visit gamer is short on that one But he’s got that middle game that they’re gonna need maybe a little nerves right there for the freshman. Yeah News dope if he’s on the floor and there’s that zone Vic will be a key guy He’s got to make great decisions in that free-throw Lane here’s Vic steps in and well that was basket interference Looked like a shot of the lowest Sutton is slammed down by aza Pookie and it doesn’t count a message here Grant held I think so. Not a bad play right there to Likes to stay back and of course Vic attacking that zone a little miscommunication here, but I don’t mind that play if you’re, Kansas They don’t live dribble Exchange a lot of pin down lock low Both pigs are good passers Jim.

There’s Carter beat it down to back late good the double RAM came on him quickly And he switches back over to bow takes it over and that’s long They’ve had an air ball on another three that did not hit the rim And that is grant Nick ring back here speed on kailu though, it’s intercepted by Alan’s got three on one And he’s going to give it up on the bounce pass the badly badly shut They’ll go without got to do something fetty’s you have to go right to the rim Mix it over to Vic That’s a three both teams have a tough time here in a shot until this pace is great for Kansas You want to play fast? You don’t want that zone to get set up and you want to establish the big fella As a bookie download and they just did that As a bookie with the first bucket of the game Big to push to beat that zone getting set up at the other end – I know Kansas is double teaming every time back he Gets the ball.

They’re gonna make do Val beat them from downtown dope a pretty good cover a little late on this one, though They’re smarter that puts peaks of cover. These two guys capped up bad in by Bagley who is an amazing jumper incredible You can relate a little bit in your heyday you had some hops inside pick left open follow it up No, he got caught between going straight to the rim or banking it off and that’s a habit for Vic He’s gonna have to have a little bit of a floater below the foul line about this size here touch feel Great Springs He’ll self trying to take the Jayhawks under his supervision to the Final Four for the third time He’s gone a no 8 in San Antonio won the championship and again in New Orleans in 2012 Great job, honey That rattles out It will push it and used oak when they can like this tripped, it’s got the hork Doubled up so he goes to Newman Who’s been hot? Not this time Back to the rim long board out to Grayson Allen Then Trent with a great run to the rim a lot of passed to the no-look pass for the assist Allen Finishing it off with Trent and that’ll get him going a little bit guys been around.

Who is that guy in the solvent? well Whoever it is is in his 15th the elite 8 game which ties the teen Smith record for most times in this spot of the regional final Makai loop with the three That sidesaddle works pump fake dribble left or right tell it – valid but awful the triple bigram the quince I’d make don’t work And the time look trying to stay with that the corner Allen 3.

Yes exactly, very Unselfish a willing passer understanding. They’re not gonna let him get off finding the open Grayson Allen Allen had open looks on Friday against Syracuse And again, they go with the LOB and I was the poopies on the floor after being fouled I think he’s just tired believe it or not Take it a little blow But a great lob and that’s something you’re gonna get And he dribble into that zone yet to get a step forward You can find people Carter didn’t agree with the call and rap you say it So right dukes zone defense is going to cover the three-point line.

And so there’s going to be those opportunities They’re inside the paint and Vick has had a couple opportunities to make something happen news uber alles Ibuki getting to the free-throw line now Isaac Buki who played high school backs with basketball in Jacksonville and his school went up against Grayson Allen couple of times I think he lost twice if Grayson was correct Watch live games on your computer phone tablet streaming device with NCAA, March Madness live. Watch at ncaa.com March Madness or download the app today I bet this stroke dread amazing it what’s the elbow folks? Don’t sit next to him at dinner I’d like that so do coach. Thanks. Rick did long as you make him He’s gonna get a little bit of a blow to he’s got something a little shot when the kiss are there Silvio De Sousa comes in for him freshmen who has been well Not only joined the team in December but has been emerging here in postseason polĂ­tica big performance in the big 12 final against, West, Virginia Curl, they run to you the Polly Allen shot off the market boxed out by Makai Luke Sousa is great at running the floor too and a good rebounder Jim.

It’s a different look for dope This is the big decision now, they’re coming up to play and they get a little small change whether is Allen or Carter It’s on Allen we go to the first break good intense action early We’re back in Omaha out of the first break and we send it over to Tracy Wolfson Well, thanks a lot. Jim both coaches told us yesterday How bad they want this for their team Grayson Allen the only player on the court who has experienced Different messages for their genes coming into this game bill South told his team played three play loose. Have fun Let it fly Mike. She chefs P wants his team to embrace the pressure He said show me that hunger that desire.

No excuse no regrets both coaches a different message But the same goal Jim. Yeah, you know what you saw himself Talking to gram as he was walking on the floor and you could see it was saying, it’s your time it’s your time and they’ve been longing o Dia and Makai Luke to get into that final four after close crushes the last two years getting knocked out in the regional final two Years ago by Villanova and last year by Oregon and these two teams have such a culture of winning and that’s what makes them So tough they believe and are committed Victor They gotta make good decisions De sousa hanging out in the paint newman comes around them and gets blocked by Carter.

Dr. Vick did not get it away in time That was a great defensive possession right there for Duke Duke is going to guard the three-point line make you take twos against their zone Kansas just can’t get organized and what a great block we talked about Carter and his interior rim protection on that play I just think you’ve got to get tagged ly particularly now once a big settle, but he can make him Check out a pilot on the terrific job compete him down there. Yeah Alan who was only three out of 14 from three on Friday night Even with all the free shots that he had but did have eight assists. He’s hit one in this game now That one doesn’t go. It’s quickly right back out to Newman Makai Luke looking for his second three of the game. That’s it And there’s a rhythm to Kansas offense moving the ball side to side the ball finds energy The Macondo has a lot of it.

Well set you can really sense it with them they are in rhythm at that end of the floor and on the perimeter trip with a Off-balance shot against us as you mentioned the rhythm Vic in the lane Grayson Allen goes down to help out and that opens up the wing shooter You get that ball the foul line anytime and then you got to adjust defensively now this is what they did the last trip Oh, they try to lop it to the so said Duke was then as the Ben Carter’s down murder Looks like it took a shot to the nose Back on his feet crossing midcourt now back late with the big move and it falls off the rim The hook doesn’t go trying to be two guys. That’s difficult. Once again Burt The three I love to JP Boldin’s gonna come in for Carter Carter down low what a great read right there deflecting that alley-oop attempt and hit in the head there You forgot to deflect the elbow shot But he is so important and as that man I was a Pookie he has to be at his best and must stay out of foul trouble Against this do team.

That’s what I think. You got to give him touches at the other end for some Difficulty some chaos for them. Maybe Duke should run some silo with Bagley, you know, the Screen the screener set and good Lord and Trenton looking down the barrel right back Second go. No, go check out foul one way to keep Bagley You got a stick of no question about it. They got Garrett under there. Yup. Garrett who just entered the game? His first both teams shooting right around 30% Duke a little below that number Who’s in both teams are actually getting good looks from the perimeter.

Just can’t make her You think it’s nerves Get relaxed myself is gonna gain a little bit. So the best times good luck to vow I suppose pretty good adjustment That’s what he must do don’t hover around the perimeter when they doubled off you attack the basket get to the rim That’s what he does best But that little cut really draws the defense it morphs into different spots Here it is. Again. Here’s to Garrett one bounce and a shot They swallow Garrett right there all alone and Bouldin with an easy block.

How about that? Person, he runs the floor to the other end under the center for the dunk. And what a fine – Wow, that’s what he’s got to do we mention cutting he’s got to find people what as well ko tuck I think right now maybe Put tavant a gram there at that free-throw line area of their best decision-maker their facilitator He might be able to carve apart that defense interior was here. He has taken the three Grand that’s why you’re not coaching He could do that again He’s so valuable that they’re distributing the ball you can even recognize why they do it plus balancing the floor accustomed to it Warren sent Alan bouncing to back outside without passes up at opens free To the point guard good defenses.

You got to take the first good one Now finds the same in scores I says intention the bloodline a Little rhythm in his game now It’s his second basket at the game. He scored the opening hoop on Friday night and never hit another shot from the field Garrett weights were both on the jump and takes advantage That was a smart move right there by Garrett good ball fake get the big fell in the air where one of the advantage getting in that ball right in the teeth of the defense frequently I Want to foul out there got a recovery and they get a little late miss Opoku this out position Bouldin shy doesn’t quite make it over the rim There’s a book in little wind and again, he’s like me hanging around with Grant Russian ice no really Jim.

That’s why they’ve moved his show He’s got to be careful he already has a foul Dubin and it’s off as me Well coach when you have skill like the font a graph you have no limit to your range The air is kind of thin out there Devonte Graham knocking it in Kansas in control You mentioned Duke one of seven from three they’re having a hard time shooting in this building they missed their last 10 on Friday night from 3. So one of their last 17 the hitting some looks absolutely terrific shots is that Double high into a high low an excellent defense by smaller. Nice kicked out and good another look there There’s a 3-2 vow Who’s off to a fine start with seven points? And that’s important for Duke. That’ll loosen up the defense When they do double-team when dudes knocking it down technical devout This is so very tough to defend what it’s a settled, huh? How about this kit he can drill with the best of them.

He’s missed regularly does so many things for this club the Clooney leadership Looking for high-low and a beg deep over-the-top partner rates and his hags Graham going pretty deep at the other end, isn’t he? He’s got some range But all of this is because they’re twisting his own making him uncomfortable in different spots on the floor big time stroke, though That was a tough shot right there coach tested Second foul on Garrett Tonight begins with 60 minutes and the interview people have been waiting for stormy Daniels tells her story plus the basketball sensation Who is so talented the scuffle NBA players call him the freak that’s tonight on 60 minutes Back on the floor for the Blue Devils And that last possession that high-low action between the Duke Biggs that will be effective That’ll be a way to deal with the double teaming from Kansas and DeLaurier Singh his first action for Coach K But will really help them. They can make that top of the key jumper a foul line jumper now, you had to be honest There’s slumping off as the bookies been shovel in and out a number of times and he’s on the floor down low Gram tries to feed it to him right over it Carter, but the pic that’s gonna count There nice interior pass, huh? How about another alley-oop against the zone? We saw that a lot there on Friday with the Syracuse game that AHS Ibuki great catch great pass They go a little zone now and first to do this Right a few TCU they did it against 20-year murder.

What a tough shot. That was Solaria Good right in the arms of Newman Vic slashing dashing and too strong, but There for the offensive glass or is he quick code this way Jim? Yeah Bob Kansas how to pick get that offensive rebound there inside those trees as Bill Self complaining About do it he gets up to Take advantage of the opportunity defensively here And they’re people shoulder – no manly as they’d like what I thought he may have gotten a piece That’s steps, I think he might have stepped on the out of bounds and its back foot touch the line As O’Connell comes in for Duke Now this is important for Duke with O’Connell Allen in Trent out on the floor.

It’s going to be hard to double-team They’re all very good three-point shooters from downtown But it is such a comfort knowing you’ve got an outlet in that Lane, there’s the back screen they’re gonna call our pets Just a little overzealous with that problem It’s on Vic, they don’t need this a little belly pump Some tokens on the subway with that maneuver Pretty good idea though. That’s like that backside me for the law. Yeah This is one of their favorite plays that a little dribble exchange they got an offensive foul goodness and Quarter, it’s gonna have his second once again Devonte Graham in there fighting through the screen and Carter was moving a little bit good call a good cell. He started a little early to try maybe Maybe yeah the tough one a little bit Where the wingspan all over they haven’t been able to get some run outs with the extended hands on the perimeter here Here’s the look to find Bolton comes in for Carter with the mm areas trying to the pin arm thick Thick puts it up.

This is the short shot as a book. He gets back to him shuttle discs out since the hand Grayson Allen takes off They stent Much bracelet out. He could touch below his knees with that length. Look at this runs it down and the pile of Taking the long three front of the rim Exactly – trying to stop ball tapped out – Trent And he’s over for from three Kansas has some numbers here if they want it Goes with the trailer gram step up Nice step back as the pookie Able to send it back to a fellow Jayhawk and long shots long rebounds Kansas great anticipation vials of weekly on the class starship.

Duke have to help out Vick flopping it. Look at this kid as a bookie lost it on the way up and it goes to Duke That’s that fatigue factor too doesn’t have that energy to finish in the stroke fashion 714 to go first half You go back to the fall to the first practice it’s all about getting to the promised land these two superpowers know that Final Four would define the season and the child of the championship and One spot to film in San Antonio Kansas seven baskets, but eight turnovers so far to this point interesting seeing yesterday visiting individually with the two coaches that Philosophical approach that they each had to this game this year really used to Mike’s Misconception Weeks as Bagley gets to the basket The two great coaches over to trace well, thanks a lot Jim during that timeout coach Bill cells Talking to dhoka just making sure that he’s not fatigued and checking in on him each time making sure he’s able to get back out There as you see now a few notes that he said in there just the lobs are open.

Let’s utilize it He also wants his players to make that extra Well coach self again his big Ploy if you will for his team the mental massaging Just go have fun night thinking that they’ve been worn out with the reminders how close they’ve been the last couple of years But this is a team as he said it everyone said all year and we doubt you You’re not that good Did a bit season two the conference people are saying no there’s the end of the street tough enough don’t yeah All these reasons why you can’t get it done and they proved them wrong thick Yes by eyes up Buki that’s open Both clubs have found the way to score and they have not Stukas not shut off that little pass at the lane and conversely down this end And they ice showed the last time for Bagley try and get their bigs along with poles that involve same same play here He loves the drops epic comeback Wow not that time off the floor a pie Luke Graham Traffic finds the trailer Newman that long rebound The ballast a good ball handler gives it up the trench what’s the dope I do vow to get that assist and Duke will run as well great in transition to Val They’re great fine and finish by Trent.

He’s got to be in the game. Maybe that should loosen him up trap Look at that Lane wide open carp lunch Pookie that’s number two if I’m not mistaken is two on em to one quarter on the other side and eyes Ibuki gonna be replaced By the Scioscia and I don’t mind the spin right there base line, but that hand that arm extended That’s a no-brainer right there good call so would portage to Kansas inside. I was Ibuki with that dirty air He doesn’t need the off. I just rest on that guy spin around the world On this side Duke only 2 for 11 3 point line They’re surviving inside in the paint 8 points by Chicago’s far Gram, trying to race to him off the floor to Val 10 Now hooked up do we have time to bring it back out hi Won the shoot And it’s Newman 1 1 run taking on Allen Oh Colton put back. That’s a goaltend an effort by Trent You gotta get down and help them out pretty good defensive transition It’s a tradition unlike any other Stage set for a spectacular Masters this year on CBS April 5th through the 8th And Carter back on the floor with two fouls Jim this time two weeks from now you’ll be there at Butlins cabin handing out another Green jacket to a champion.

Yeah about that about this time about an hour from now two weeks times Who will it be? What a year? It’s been for the game. You got the whole country and being you right? I just love with you guys. I know what a stretch and that’s a turnover committed by two Got to G put out a decision tough kids With the heat on that basketball took Carter. He’s got to play within himself. You mentioned the two fouls I think he’s the win and out get some looks But how they’ve shifted the deepest they have Grayson Allen at the middle almost a 131 there’s Big O that spun-out Would have put the Jayhawks up by a point Push off that could like move out he had Allen in transition for a slap back You don’t mind this move getting into the paint to Val right there just that extending his arm getting Newman off-balance He didn’t necessarily need to do that He thought he had the advantage a great defense there by Newman and that’s the first on to bow and the leadership of Allen He’s pointing and directing more of a matchup than their normal zone look boom in short with a shot right back to him Waits puts it up man over head to the line Carter.

It is Carter that’s number three on Carter. That’s big Both clubs give up offensive rebounds interesting And that’s how you attack the zone off the dribble penetration getting to the basket Newman who’s been on fire Jim during this tournament getting to the free-throw line He’s averaging 21 a game since the start of the big 12 tournament Bouldin will be coming in after the first attempt for Carter to the bench with three Headed to San Antonio download the final four app presented by AT&T help you plan enjoy and share all the excitement of the weekend What a weekend. It’s going to be in the Alamo City available for iOS and Now the second three throw pies it by the first Jayhawk basketball player ever from the state of Mississippi tonight Boulton on the floor now still the two bigs at some point He may have to play smaller to match up with this Kansas team one with great And check out by everybody tough shot.

Allen was off-balance there Look at this crossover The Jayhawks go on top Last six points by Kansas When I tell you they can score in waves Newman off the dribble three pointer to so much confidence Playing at an elite level. He is a different guy in the end of the season His handle was matches randoms dexterity with it Twirl set up baseline rubs Trent Underneath wave hits it to go Ties it at 27. Maybe that’s the way you get him the ball just throw it up there and let him go get it Shoot something up. He can’t Side to side moved his own Wickham out short corner Nova trying a separation gives it up with eight to shoot Then that shots right there all day long. Just don’t go in against the bigs that Floater so essentially you want to play this game at this level Now call by the bluedevils Biggest lead in this game has been only four by dupe and that Kansas on top buy a bucket Malik Newman just unbelievable ball control a crossover back to him so you can’t deflect and then just the Protection here at the rim to solid and what I love to also in Kansas to Sosa inside screening off Bouldin making it tough for him as he tries to contest but Newman so talented so confident just playing at a fantastic level attacking the big fella converting Big 12 newcomer of the year set out last year after transferring from Mississippi State where he averaged 11 The year is 11 a game as a in his freshman year And followed his and his dad’s footsteps in Starkville for a while But at one year before transferring out his dad Played at Mississippi State back in the late 90s two years after they were in the final four It was all vests CC averaging 17 a game very impressive little lost him at autozone when they get another claim Look this guy can light it up.

They need him. Get back in touch a little bit Also his confidence got a sore a little bit And that’s repoint shot out of the timeout gives the Blue Devils a lead by one Really knows where they can go in terms of an outlet by hitting that Lane either with the dribble of the pass The line we’re here got on Trent Gonna have another break So Trent called for the foul after industry to give the edge back to do and today I’m attacking this Song up to Kansas is starting to figure things out getting the ball into the paint great ball Fake and finish inside and just understanding that middle.

They’re booked playmakers there who can make plays? Here it on that last one thick on that one right there. Great teams will figure it out. Kansas is a Fantastic ballclub. They have multiple guys who can make good decisions you feel like they’re starting to figure out this zone of Duke Revis yesterday were you gonna put in the middle dick and then good thing at? Grayson Sony jamming it up a little bit more after the timeout making it tougher 13 seconds to shoot we’ve had Four ties and seven lead changes.

The entire game has been played inside of a six point space biggest lead for Duke before Biggest lead for Kansas – we got two and a half to go It’s been a good first half a nice flashing here Drupal drive opens up because look at that steal Forcefully knocked out of the hands as do foul The socha block diagram better right there next to the official says are you sure? Let it count the basket that took a pound of air out of the ball with that Strip at the other end with the salsa there.

Look at this hustle by the picked on I thought this was a clean block But what a tremendous? I don’t know. It might have been a clean block It’s got Alan making a little bit of an adjustment here Find the poor man – man, it’s Graham head-fake Bagley’s on them now on a switch off Like Clarke launched wherever they want to go though. They aren’t just decimating with dribble-drive flashes pump fakes at the rim Back screen and a lock load the social right in the lap of Bagley That counts Allen quick pass in the air over the trend I snuck in hold it finish This is what Kansas is dangerous That’s that short corner which is wide open ground air ball with 120 to go in the half Kansas has missed its last five From outside as the laurier comes on little floor for Bouldin.

They really don’t have to settle outside They’re getting in that Lane little floaters little pull-ups I thought Vick had a nice little baseline jump shot right there gave up to Graham, but that’ll be their ball game Speeds looking around saying I need comfort of Ukraine to play this guy right here and look at the social right in his lap Trent with the three Been a tough day for him from outside 1 for 7 Where’s they’ll get up Scott? It bounces out to Sosa on the floor for it, and it’s off, Kansas coming up AT&T at the half Greg Clark Kenny and Charles first half analysis and They’ll tell you how a Villanova became the third team to punch a ticket to this year’s final four It’s coming up AT&T at the half By the 54 seconds here in Omaha, they’ve got the corners covered on pensively Will hide Wall Street to stave look at this proper Way is to valve takes it home.

He leads the Blue Devils with 11 Everybody says the same thing when he plays well Duke is a different basketball team refused the ball screen a little sneak a peek Pike right if you paid dearly Send it in Jim right now Kansas is in good shape only down three I was a bookie went out with the 9 10 minute mark here in the first half So staying within striking distance is not a bad thing He’ll be better for them in the second half and it’s very good at the timeouts it was Thinking two-for-one. Let’s see if they do it They love to love matter timeouts, but you’ve got to crack the zone That the deep present themselves a temp time is what makai Luke did as Bill Self says he’s been playing Downhill lately and he set that one up for de sousa Five-second differential on the clocks.

I thought he was talking about my my life For a long time Nan zhis has only five team fouls. They could Fowler if they wanted to Do bow ram and watch him do vows the story of the first half and a chance here and the run out nice catch Second two guns is up the river de sousa What a perfection what a tremendous pass craft lots of money huh vodka cram kids is unable to finish but the big fell into social running and would have passed kids just deliver Got a big out one of the great runners that kid is on that team Tracy Don’t you’ve been able to get it done in the paint but struggling from the perimeter How important will it be to be balanced in the second half? The main thing for us is our Defensive rebounding our big guys haven’t got any defensive rebound and they’re faster faster demon sweep We’ve gone again.

So it’s a hell of a game. You know, what? What can I say they’re playing their butts off we’re playing our butts off and hopefully we can keep that going appreciate it thank 13 by Duvall to Val leading the way for Duke Devils at the intermission. Watch out for Allen. He’s been quiet If Carter starts the second half with the three fouls Who’s handling traffic fortunate to get back out to Trent? I Like that little look at this drill whoo bananas gonna give a lob Ram with the long rebound There’s a lots of booty unable to get the handle Duke was there to defend it so They could have got more out of that trip And By Luke able to save it to grin seen her to see her He’s got the head up always got this good look here new man. That’s three. There’s your assist you’ve been complaining about the kid on the Last 60 seconds.

Yeah, you got me and that ties it at 36 Both clubs like to push it bill Shane, Kansas not as quick as last year’s team Fought back out to Allen Faculty not getting to touch. He’s got a duck in stronger Hit with the body as a bookies third And Kansas has come out here in the second half and getting down the floor Before the Duke defense can get set Graham passing the ball ahead Newman known for shooting threes in transition That’s how you got a play get those big guys of Duke You know be up beat them down the floor and get easy opportunity. I think they heard Clark Kellogg at halftime He likes those threes in transition him. Why not? As a Pookie he played only 11 minutes in that first half Because of Palace shoes gonna go to the bench with his third the Scioscia And actually on that play Jim he did a good job.

He moved his feet just at the end He made a careless foul right there and now has to go back and sit. I like to speed now for Kansas Bigger guy and get up and down the floors your good offensive rebounder can cover a little bit better. Maybe not the low post presence Barter with three points all from the line It’s been a quiet game too for badly. It sure has they’ve been doing a great job Mostly speed on him shown some physicality in the low box Guk adjusted their zone again a one three one Grayson out at the free-throw line The Grayson goes wherever he wants to testimony there to Neumann didn’t get there in time They have stretched it out the good ball movement Good cutting and good decisions and them in the top man for the Jayhawks with 12 couple of threes here to open up the half Hears badly That’s free on that that’s one of their favorite plays the the to post guys dribble exchange Right there Just looming a nice little back cut against the zone Grayson Allen a little too late Great recognition by Kansas finding the open man in Newman.

He doesn’t mean need much time quick release with the knock down So badly to the line his first three tournament games 22 22 22 gives him 6 for this one with that first free throw Bleacher Report’s original animated series game of zones is Returning for the playoffs watch game of zones only on the free bleacher report out Jim were all week Easter weekend. They’ve been talking about Kansas is size and can they match up with Duke? But they played against Baylor Kansas State Iowa State and regular season play and did pretty well against those teams and have plus 8 so far rebounding at this one is, Kansas Nice job overloading here in the felt Nice pass, you think it’s there if he wants it now to make that and that’s what Kenny like you did to that Lane nice maneuvering on the outfits event Garters passed away, but trim on the spot That’s blocked by the Sousa maybe what he is quick and I got a foul on Trent on the floor He got the zone really twist that you had mentioned was a one three one they sort of Mel to where you are They can just see excellent all building great decision and you gotta have that floater Knocked out of the lane negate those bigs Second whistle on Trent First half Kansas was standing around the perimeter against his own now.

They made that adjustment. They’re moving Cuddy flashing and Shooting to have insane gentlemen hitting but not this time then it goes back to two. I think he was too older. Yeah But he is really quick with his feet. You mentioned the shot preparations excellent to Make Bank Falls Was that lob play again sniff – great preparation consumption Do bow to Alan I Splunk got the pilot to commit now gives it up tartar spins around the Sousa but lost the handle and right now when Dale Carter just no rhythm having sat most of the first half they’re Unable to control that had a nice move opportunity Coach K. 12 and 2 in Elite Eight games The fact they were gonna try to chat another ball movement again gets a clean look and he got those puppies or gonna do that’s all because of Being in the right spot and then the axon with the ball on the quick timeout timeout to Kansas With an 11-3 start to the half the grant you mentioned the adjustments by pill supple.

Look at this This is where the zone all year has been that kind of and the bigs on the wings But all of a sudden the overload the ability to get organized here three defenders on one side Look how far Allen has to run to coverage this. Excellent Distribution and ramp you talk about that adjustment that Coach K made with the zone Second half Kansas three foot for from the three-point line and most of them have been wide open. He wonderful just back And maybe he can make that Carter he struggled in the first half from outside they are just backing off Newman gets fouled all the shots And I’ll talk about a smart play right there by Newman when you go against the shot blocker you don’t try to avoid Contact you try to go right through him and Newman attacks some chest-to-chest Makes the official make the call and right now window Carter with his fourth foul, but just going right out of shot blocker That’s a smart move by that young man And Coming in for him as Bouldin As Duke now has his biggest deficit of the tournament of the four games Getting the ball inside it’s really within a tough run Carter’s been taken out of the game with all the palace shoes.

He’s over four from the field They just can’t get back through that necessary touches. That is just running those baseline bumps. He meganlocke low Last seven points to Kansas leading by seven. Here’s Bouldin Trent bloater driving great hesitation by Gary Trent junior froze the defense so good at Floating around the basket with that floater. Everybody gotta stay honest on the pigs that open it up for him To the basket Bouldin couldn’t get over there to help out Is he playing? Terrific and easy baskets at that in Duke which just broke up four minute twenty second field goal. Drought fires a three Badly reaches up grabs it and a foul on the pile. OOP. I think that’s the right call boy. Did he get up big time? ANZUS now 15 the five advantage of the second half Meanwhile, all of the Jayhawk 15 points in the second half of come from Newman and Vic ten of them by Newman Tougher in there with C and not a good cover on the wing. How about the way he’s playing come out? Now with 16 to lead the way for the Blue Devils Guth went back to their normal zone coverage Newman Nice rebound to Sosa trying to grab hold of it to Duke players right by his feet Look at this hustle Still no tie up and Allen has it for the Blue Devils? Couple of times I thought that might be a tie up there everybody in the house did do bow and it rattles out Don’t be in a hurry.

I’ve got a Pitt dissociation limit in the backcourt Jim Every role that ankle on Friday night He is played excellent basketball with aza Buki out he has been huge Fleshie and then roll it out to the wing and a reflash here comes new good baseline Graham And it heads right over to factly And Duke getting Bagley involved at this end of the floor just take your time – Trent short trip only Kansas underneath forget you strength pet problems Eliminating will swing it and get behind the high-wing like that recovery Faculty close it quickly now.

They lob it over the top. Just Sosa Is on the line back over the took it goes he’s got again Some nagging Hank over shoes remembering rolled the ankle landing on a Clemson player late the game Friday night As Kansas tries to go through to ACC teams to get to San Antonio Let’s see what Mike runs on this end Actly says let me try it outside that why not Recognize me inside we take the party deep timeout call by Kansas after Bagley trims it to one the last six to the bluedevils if this is going to be his team coming down the stretch if They’re gonna go to San Antonio the big fellas stretch to the D. You don’t like below Bring it to me. I can finish big-time Well, they go with Bagley Outside as you said wrap going to break not going to give it to me low.

I’ll take it outside He led the conference in scoring and rebounding just a remarkable season 21 and 11 average Amazing what he’s been able to do all year long just a subtle message to his teammates being member number 35 Rebounding average the highest by a freshman in the ACC since tree Rollins that Clemson back some 40-plus years ago It’s Ibuki we gotta turn the Vic from the corner Vic and that job for him. He said all three shots He’s taken in the second half and two of them from the outside and inside out action for Kansas Fantastic food and that has passed by the big fellow the pal gives it up Deloria passes up the jumper There’s Bagley Garrett on him Goes to the far corner Trent of the wing Glory a flat-footed rebound overrides a boot key for the putback does a nice job of the glass again a good shooter Squeeze your guy out that Iran gives you a big lift Nice job you think getting available the last trip down here? Boop he was waiting for it But anytime you could turn the corner the bigs have to recognize that flow or ability terrific look rail Bagley Has it taken away by the Buki? On snowman Graham knows he’s got numbers.

He’s got a picked One rebound Allen, but then with the launch side dead Neumann left Let’s again be patient get your bigs involved – Jayhawks Armand quickly goes to the opposite side and as the book he’s going to have number four Board on Carter up to four on Azam Mookie who at the other end brought it down So Bagley’s got ten points now he was held in Single digits only once this season and that was against Michigan State when he played only ten minutes before being poked in the eye They need this guy to step up big time coming down to scratch the stretch here To get complete coverage of the NCAA Division one women’s tournament on ncaa.com They got a stop down this end – it’s been porous and well designed offensively by Kansas DeLaurier out there on the perimeter the smaller guy or speaker’s race Cree by Garrett and cut I got that finished practice.

Also tell you what made me the best in the country out of timeouts. No question L do pout Catch the Laurier he goes to the far side Continues to impress with a stellar game Smaller on this wing they should try this side guarantee Second chance go about that Again smaller on the wing right now, Kansas just out working Duke on the offensive end second chance opportunities Who down inside talent DeLaurier left alone they give him room At the side there drop step Trying to come off the screen to on them bounce pass part corner Trent before off-balance and it goes What a pass baseline you got away with it that Grayson look that set the whole thing up because it took speed Baseline now you got the opportunity to turn the corner But Trent junior initiating the contact right there finding the contact the concentration in the touch and a three-point play opportunity and a third foul on Makai Luke as Newman will get a breather That baseline drift past by Grayson looked like he was in trouble because he really did it Got there, but his momentum carried him out of the play So Gary Trent jr.

His dad a legend in the Mack Nicole him the Shaq of the Mack he was three-time Conference Player of the Year for the Bobcats of Ohio University Nine years in the NBA not a bad run. I got a quite like you. I’ve got a couple elbows from him You still gettin elbows through the other shank But sit down to two Now Duke shifts to more the three to traditional zone not that sort of poor around one if you will Finally lost the handle into the arms of Bagley Duke now a chance to tie or take the lead trouble there Now Duke this has to run they’re set they just kind of get a little rhythm on this end it starts here He’s got to make good decisions that little left hook back in the man and it falls Is a nodded at 57 if you know, they’re going to double you could do a lot of good things on the offensive end So keep ridin him he can finish on his own loves that right shoulder Garrett Back outside with a Mac.

I love three-point shot Thanks Where did he follow that man bodies tangle that’s on Duke. It’s gonna be on do bow But those are the plays that define your team Well that kind of course You know when you shoot it where it’s going if it’s short and just a green effort and rock arm the initiates the contact Here gets the call.

What about the lift right there the ups? Makai Lucas, he’s got nine rebounds Makai lute which ties a career-high Parents watching on the computer back in the Ukraine right now on stamp. I will go to San Antonio if the Jayhawks get there He’s doing getting families there Just have to shine White go into traffic. He’s such a spirit with the wingspan and the ability indicate opportunities at the rim Newman returns for the Jayhawks who just turned it over for a 15th time and wrap I think he have to put Vick there Vick has done a pretty good job of making good decisions, but you’re right that little a little free-throw line jump shot Is there all the thing? Nice shake up Bagley short with the shot and it’s going to Kansas Knockdown for him but maybe getting in the flow a little it’s gonna help him Pretty much as advertised don’t you think this one? Absolutely question ANZUS had a lead of seven early in this half – love that Against him pack the taps a toasted to Sosa who’s tied up by DeLaurier and Kansas has the arrow Boy know your personnel, right good lap on the other side go away from home there Graham to inbound with ten on the shot clock Pretty good bloodlines there – Marv, exactly wouldn’t you say Jim? Oh my goodness Grandfather’s the legend.

There’s Graham with a three speaking of legends He’s going to be one, but he’s done and accomplished for his career in Kansas particularly, they can make this one step that has Been the one they can’t finish the last two years Have been able to We do bow And put the Sousa drip a little to the right and throw it down you can always get that one I Travel Wall Street, nice cut 22 McConnell of all seven by Newman that triple Drive is has decimated The perimeter D which have got to get some help from you partner Kansas back ahead by five Trent’s steps back to sign not to got a piece Gloria taps it something that gives Kansas a chance on a break for the pie loop and I’ve run it down Three of those you should have put a lot more air rather than that one.

Let him run under it Duke dodged a bullet right there because right now it’s all Kansas in control vacant of San Antonio There very good box the box. They have not been good high-low party drifting too far out beyond the three-point line They’re not playing them Stay in that area dump it down Also Duke has not been able to get Grayson Allen going. It has not scored since eight minutes to go in the first half Load up sodas here double box in high-low So so doing a nice job homework early here it is again To valve To Carter. He finally makes a shot from the floor against bow and raft I was just but you where are you going but somehow to Val finding Carter on this penetration, there’s nowhere to go I bet this pass though. I got it around the edge there was though it looked like there’s anything there at all and this right here might get a guy like Carter going, he’s been on the bench been thinking about it Get it easy to make some free throws very important for Duke to establish Carter So how good he is with that left hand as well? And it’s back to a two-point game Success being busy off the basketball flash go opposite Look at this Newman scoops off the floor with it is back late.

In fact, they just Controlled the low post the bow jump stop back to Carter again saves it That’s it in the bag Lee and he’s heading to the line and pick right there. Almost got a block as bag He was going up with his left-handed hook But you’re right. The pigs now have to touch the ball. Every possession for Duke and Vick trying to use his quickness quick block Neverold Mike said just say he eats up the floor Bagley. He didn’t say they sprinted to that box and wanted it Showing why you so highly regarded and tie in here at the line with two Tonight on CBS when it comes to solving murders He wrote the book Alan Cumming Stars in the new drama instinct tonight after 60 minutes on Sabu he back on the floor for Kansas again He has four fouls drafty were talking about Bagley’s bloodlines and just to finish that off his grandfather Jumpin, Joe Caldwell who won a gold medal with the u.s.

Back in 64? Basketball and was the second pick in the NBA Draft that year then he played with the Cougars with billy connolly See, how about those two the kangaroo kid and Joe Falwell might have at this they had to pay for air rights 14 and 9 it’s my back was put up in this one My height looks on the line is going back to the blue dot We’ll see Carter dodged a bullet right there with four fouls closing out smart by McAuliffe to try to drive him hand too We got rid of the ball before you stepped out of bounds I’ve seen a few of those of late There they go just give it to him So why is he out you had mentioned that tooth crown ladies hang out that far for the Duff down? Allen lost it in traffic poured a shoot Trent puts it up Thanks the lead at 64-62 I Guess if you’re a good shooter the law percentages say the ball will go through the basket and Somehow someway Duke back in the game on a 700 run This is all about toughness now coming down the stretch anything loose you’ve got it all Dick Ball bounces out to Makai Luke I miss Vic’s first Miss of the second half can’t be passed up against this zone You have to continue to be an attack while they come and a nice run in the baseline moment From three how about the patient’s of swing? The time up just waited get organized drill it another lead change Our tenth of the gains Partner makes a 911 plea chain as you bow Once again getting it to the paint and making the right read three times finding Carter down low for two That baseline I think we’re kicked out to him Jump Well, we got guys making plays now big play.

This is terrific the big stage Step it up in a major fashion 14 perfect 10 in the second half. Is that double? And arrived to Carter But my loop nice play nice Patience by Alan – hi boo couldn’t defend that and Carter finally getting into the game and getting a rhythm and suddenly as ten points Heat coverage defensively by Kansas who then he’s deep to partner with the rebound He’s tired – Carter you Mentioned that hitting the game.

I don’t know who’s on top of this game you you might be right He got hit in the face. There. He is now Coming right back to him gonna take it there basket. No go, Kansas Lots of movement in the corner. No man as a bookie. No out – grandma’s hit no call Tapped out bond for example cocaine a back foot is out of bounds back to to the pilots Got to get smaller sneakers Took big plays Plus them finally we got a coach impact Kansas had some chances on that trip Faculty there to assure him. It’s ok Bagley has also started to heat up here in the late going X was being quiet most of the way Now he’s there He find a way to get it to him back then Alan Still hasn’t scored here in the second half Held to five for the game 2 of 10 shooting Missing his last five gotta know where your prints butter, though Magley was overhead you gotta get away ball fake Ram swings it over my senior the senior No Go that’s two missed open three opportunities for Makai loop and a lot of that’s fatigue, too Cuz he’s got to bang one of the bigs at his matchup.

He’s got Bagley and done a nice job by in large ball Slip and then the other slip in the weak side coverage nice shot by the caller give it to him Quickly, oh He’s out of bounds more we’re having trouble You’ve got to know where you are on the floor and that was a great double team Inside by aza Pookie make him beg get off the block and then turn over right there following the scouting report, Kansas would have Preached out there on the interior defensively Electric, Kansas either the flasher Preferably a screen again the dribble drive and then that lob to the big column the last possession aza Pookie setting the screen on the ball Ramp on the try and stop got it outside the big Guy look big time that pert Over to Tracy Jim during that timeout bill sells told odds of Buki.

We need more effort out of you He said we don’t care if you fell out we care about winning get in there and get those rebounds Tim Both teams have been held scoreless Tracy. Thank you for the last two minutes as we approach the two-minute mark Much movement on the baseline And they tried that in the first half coach Down but it worked in my Vic didn’t file. He moved into one of the first half Alan And he has foul-weather Run out by the big fella set this all up You can’t you see number two, they’re screening the center and they are just terrific at making these kind of adjustments Terrific pass to the right angle and it’s Bill Self’s words At number five it is.

Yeah. I did what you told me coach you said Unfortunately But I suppo key Such a great kids and we met with him yesterday. So important what he’s done during this tournament nursing his injury cutting it out Playing big for his team. They’ve developed a nice relationship with him to it was very much at home part of the total environment His dunk gave us the sixth lead change in the last three and a half minutes 14 lead changes overall and now he can swing right back in the Dukes favor that Grayson Allen hits two And I thought graph on that last possession Grayson who’s struggled a bit from the field attacking getting to the paint drawing that foul on the big fella He doesn’t mind meeting the challenge don’t question about that and we saw that three years ago in the championship game when He stepped onto the biggest stage and starred and brought Duke from behind against Wisconsin and boy Does he want to have booked in Final Fours in his career? Young guys around them.

He’s got a step up coming down the stretch Almost like a switching man-to-man here The Sosa nice kid a little hot pass got away from him Tell you on the interior window Carter walling up without fouling newly went at him when Dale Carter with four fouls When he had the right idea a great location for a kick to the wing Into the paint weights puts it up another whistle. You can see he wants it just take it over that strength footwork Duke just cleared it out on that last play for Grayson Allen attacking well They love they’re so locked in defensively with the two bigs that opens up driving areas And as you noted the ability to shoot free throws so important.

He’s so good at and he drew the fourth on McKnight Luke So the Duke fans since the age of eight When he fell for this program primarily because of his adoration for JJ reddick His dream to come play for Coach K trying to extend the career They’re checking out who the foul was on I think Knox. Yeah, I think it was on Newman that gave it to Makai Luke originally By the way, not a big guy to pattern yourself after reddit right Oh they’ve changed it to Newman it changed at the Newman so Great for the Jayhawks to bring Mikawa back to three with 125 to go in a plea Pretty good Newman has the drift out of the corner Let it go Little nickel dimer gotta move the feet. You’re in good shape defensively. It’s only the fourth team foul Which out that’s a big one only the four to go Kansas has missed some threes these last few possessions.

I think you have to try to find Newman Somewhere on the perimeter. He is there closer in their best player here tonight Little bit this to tie it well that was a long shot pulling it back plenty of time to They got great guys to turn the corner and bursting abilities allotment offensive rebound prevails Same way they’ve run successfully Give it in 8 to shoot harder both hands now. He’s got the sociable item comes up short pulled the string 30 seconds to go Jayhawks down three don’t have to get the three hero go to the room They’re gonna go for the three though at the time Squares in at 72 Looking over at Coach K. He’s not going to call tide of no and I’ll let him go Gonna have a shot here for San Antonio Down to 12 is going to make sure you check out and block out Grayson. Allen was 7 the captain with five He walks it with three puts up the shot Going over time twice it almost fell Malik Newman had a guard mason and Graham all last year it got them better in this end of the floor and what a great Job contesting and you can just see the big heart and ticker of Grayson Allen trying to take it by himself But excellent footwork and pursued here making it awfully difficult Oh, is that heartbreaking? We’re doped up great.

Look who the duke bitch thought it was going in What a great move by Grayson Allen the senior the leader and Graham the senior and leader for Kansas Knowing his team dodged a bullet, but this life in overtime for Kansas Trish so as a poky on the other end Are the dilemma in overtime the course one look Carter with the four? And there was another thing that happened on that play Makai Luke blocked out Bagley who was always on the glass a great block out unable to get that tip in which he’s great at This is a shot that tied it for Kansas and that gamble by eval right there I think it led to the open three by Makai loop Carter had to stop from the corner Makai loop and missed a few threes, but stepped up and hit a big one for the Jayhawks They’ve been slow to start the overtime he may have noticed the the clock has been Somehow on the blink it was at 457.

The shot clock was at 20 they Resented a couple of times and now they believe they’ve got everything functioning and we’re ready to go and resume this thriller It’s been so good. Why not play five more minutes? Kansas has two timeouts. Duke has three I Feel like Ernie Banks, let’s play too. Is it beautiful? Opening tap bagley controlled it pretty easily.

In fact, we should tip it between Alan and Carter We begin controlling He’s looking that way and he does that Interesting racing off the ball one of their favorite little toys is that baseline rub Still like secret crush screen and get back Silsila nice Japanese took work Mm Oh Had just enough spin on it they just hung on the rim right there for a few but they’ve also to valve so good it getting to the rim and He’s finished to start the second overtime here.

Excuse me overtime period Trying to stay at home and contain There’s the overload there’s Newman Has he been stroking these jump shots overload Jim they did know who the cover he’s got 22 for the game Tops for both sides he is Barney Now it’s back Lee It’s around to the other side He just loves that right shoulder thumb length to extend push the rim there to aid him Nobody can negate at the 10 No, Laza, Pookie inside has a good potato, but the fouls right right now for Duke You have to have your head on a swivel here with all the cutting and passing by Kansas gram So good at getting into the paint and fighting the open shooters these where they get the overload.

Nah Bolton Tom Bagley big time Innovation out battled the Sousa for that Favorite play Doubles We’ve got a good look at dissipation and the cow Time with you is coming Alan’s on the court right and steal the back The panel is gonna be called on Duke on do valve. I look right. There codes look like though I’m free safety on defense He jammed it up. Beautifully. You can see him right near screen number 10 They’ve been running that play and they weren’t looking for the post up Hustle it’s caught that’s the fourth on to foul a Perfect trap able to get it out of there and RAM sails up to Makai Luke Newman on the Against do Be careful Begley’s got to be careful And it seemed like Carter was outside the restricted area. I thought he was there too That’s it for Carter Wow You might have leaned a little bit to the left on that play and that’s what the officials were Thinking Newman trying to avoid the charge tried to avoid him the Coach K is in disbelief With Carter fouling out.

I thought he was there on time. There’s always going to be a little motion Well, that is a pivotal call big time, oh goodness Takes Carter out of the game as he started his motion before I think he’s there Magley jumped as owner go for a rebound in disbelief. What’s Newland on the line to shoot two? Actly sores to pull that one down this we battles are pretty impressive. Are they are two hands Timeout Duke To bow hookshot Estelle, oh my goodness. It’s these post guys It was aids Duke with 22 misery said when he plays well he didn’t say different team Brands slim fortunate to hit it over to Newman It takes a big step to the hole About that challenge Rory a on it Is so clever with the bounds who talked about him getting organized for that jumper, but he can show it to you take it away This ability to protect to you. It’s horrific So Newman to shoot a pair Instead he was one of the great talents coming down the stretch.

He has shown his wares Gotta pose Tied again 11 ties 17 lead changes And now in the first overtime Gonna be more as it’s stolen away go to the world We’ve tried to do a little too much splitting the trend. Don’t be in a hurry. Let it come We go hit the lob situation with this lineup Go inside the paint quickly right back outside the Dubin he is on target tonight And what the flash head kick with a delivery? I’m out too. Newman has scored all nine, Kansas points and over time to put the Jayhawks up three Give it to the middle there coach. It sucks in the defense Vic great five Back now high with 10 Get to the box threat driving in block by Makai Luke not a good shot there Again to getting back losing on the floor To use the clock here, I’d like to get into it right now though Particularly against his own look at this pass and it’s out of bounds It’s going to Duke and they may look at this one again, and they well this also have position but Bagley Huff angled So what that length right there length? able to get that deflection their coach To talk to yeah, I think you’re right.

Yeah They would you note the clock you still gotta run some things so that you’re in sync You got a little continuity going if they get this wall back. They’re very fortunate, but they got six left if it is their ball That’s tough room that is a tough one if they can’t make a Judgment, I’ll have to go with the call this one looks like That is tough you gotta appreciate this championship effort both guys getting on the ground going after the loose ball understanding how important this possession is, but Yeah And happens right in front of the official yeah Don’t you change the call to you? I don’t see anything that’s definitive I agree Right now for both coaches you have to run plays for both defense and offense depending upon what happens here, but I’m like you guys I can’t tell Possibly chair city I can’t tell And the athletic director here at Creighton the university’s is cratons home court might have a chance Just been a fabulous host city for the for the regional they love the basketball They filled this arena up through all the Creighton home games straight program Think back of course McDermott you see at the end And the call was off to Sosa Well both hands are on it here Now are they off From that last angle looked like maybe Laurier was head – last one to touch it They’ve got the piece Both want hands on it to Sosa’s and He becomes off first, huh? It is possible to tell right? I think they got a stick with their cloth.

I Think they just got to make a call right now They better make a call before it’s last call I Do you wear your head what Coach K calls his team back over self does the same? Both coaches will understand when they see this, you know right now they’re probably want to get going That’s one of those plays in the playground that Jeff arguments over The stronger guy wins out Self over there plotting two things if they end up overturning the call. They got six minutes to shoot gotta have a plan Otherwise, what are you gonna do defensively here? If it’s Duke possession and you’ve got that three-point lead on the put on the Blue Devils There’s a lot of things they’ve run out of added pounds obviously the LOB I don’t think they will live with the Sousa on the floor And they turn over turn the call They ruled it was last touched by two and Kansas will inbound with six seconds to shoot the screen in Pretty good coverage At I loop to took players on wine in the mark and it’s a shot clock violation a great preparation by Duke they were ready And that is situation on the offensive man.

I think you gotta go inside of factly we shall get Some attention he can finish When they get some opportunities cuts Two-possession game for Duke. You don’t need a three right here. I Greet get in the paint Looking for help goes down low Bagley sets it up do the house. That would have tied it to Sosa with the box nice picked out to Duke master foul here And Alan does just that it’ll be a one-on-one Wasn’t if pagli should have maybe gone on his own even though they got a good clean. Look, you know right there at the rim Big newman at the line 82% These clutch Hitting the ball on the right players hands for Kansas I’m still thinking to push it as quickly as you can be in the attack mode, press the glass that Gives him 30 for the game ties a career-high Allen with a three-point shot tapped out right back to him wants it again It’s short and the rebound by Graham with 18 seconds And two possessions in a row for two unable to really get into anything in Kansas Conversely getting the job done have dominated here in this overtime period now it’s going to be a free throw game for the Jayhawks Their guards who just been magnificent a great slap back We don’t make that first three And a foul, by the way Is the last one for two Val? Very maybe 3% on the free-throw line 1 1 Back up a hair thing up Fighting to save a Trent right back to Newman ten seconds to go They got a found in give away Close clubbers left it out here.

No Boy if you’re a Blue Devil fan that shot by Alan at the end of regulation I Mean how close did it come? Absolutely and you said it bad slice, right it almost was been twice rolling around This great theater gotta tip your hat to Kansas here they have Has been sensational all game and this man on the line They start the year taking championship both these programs. Third. Time’s going to be the charm. Yeah for Graham and Makai Luke Allen’s careers going to come to it in here with a long shot that drops but only three seconds to go And that is going to do it Kansas is still dancing and heading to San Antonio The gym when you think about this for Kansas you talked about Mahalo and Devonte Graham Perry Ellis Wayne Selden Frank Mason young man who were part of the eighth Disappointment and they doing it for them as they’re doing it for Rock Chalk Jayhawk Kansas off to the final four from the Midwest region World-class programs to leaving everything out there Either one that would lose this one.

It’s a classic game Well begin third straight year they found themselves in this spot the first of the three was a regional final We were there in Louisville and they lost to Villanova bill until they went on and won the championship Chris Jenkins shot now though these Singh Villanova couple years down the road at the base since that last matchup Kansas and Villeneuve on one side Michigan and Loyola Chicago pretty attract another it is inside town Newman had 32 for the game But 13 of them came in the overtime period and Tracy is standing by with Bill Self who’s heading back? To the city where he won his championship. That’s right, Jim and you mentioned over and don’t Appropriately so that this one went to extra minutes Minh to all of Fame coaches and to tremendously talented teams But going into that overtime.

What was the message to your team to come out and close it out? Just enjoy it, you know, we made a great play down the stretch and to tie it up But but you know that we felt good the whole game. We felt like we got the ball where it need to go We obviously didn’t do a great job on a couple of their guys Duvall and Bagley But overall it was an unbelievable unbelievable tough tough team win.

I called my team soft. There’s nothing soft about them unbelievable, and then Silvio came in and plugged the gap and then you know Obviously Malik took over tremendous job by Malik, you told me before the game. You said for the last few years We felt sorrow Can you describe the joy and the joy for Demonte Graham and speed to be able to get back to the Final Four? there’s a lot of players out there that deserve the best of the best and Nobody more than Spee and hand and Devante and we’ve come up short each and every year but they can experience what the very best of the best is and I’m so happy for them and Happy for everybody.

That supports is what about this building today? Tremendous atmosphere? Congratulations. We’ll see you in San Antonio. Thank you. Thank you So for Bill Raftery Grant Hill Tracy Wolfson and all the crew Jim Nantz. Thanks So long from Omaha where Kansas is the Midwest regional champion? .

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