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Anthem, previously known as Project Dylan is Bioware’s new IP, It’s what they’ve had the main team working on while what was left worked on MEA, Right away you can tell which game had the focus when in the opening scene, you just see the faces, so good, The facial animations in this game are […]

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ANTHEM as a BioWare Fan, Part 1 – Playing Solo

This video is presented by EA Game Changers. If I am a fan of BioWare games, will I like Anthem? If you’ve asked yourself something along this line… well my friend, we got a lot to talk about. Hi! Ashe here. Nice to see you again. A month ago, BioWare and EA were kind enough […]

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Can This Gaming PC Play ANTHEM for Under $250….!?

Then over here we came into another problem where the motherboard run just isn’t going to cut us what is cracka lackin ladies and gentlemen today we are building a gaming pc for the newly released title anthem it’s on the origin EA’s platform it cost around 40 USD and it’s been getting some mixed […]