Top 10 NEW Indie Games of October 2019

We’ve induced it into the last quarter of the year and we’ve still got plenty of enormous looking indie tournaments to play as we travel into the holidays. Welcome to get indie gaming and coming up, we have ten of the best-looking indie games out this October 2019. If you haven’t played it, you’re probably aware of Smash TV. It’s one of those tournaments from the 90 s that terminated up on pretty much every scaffold and it’s been hailed as one of the most quintessential arcade entitles from that period of gaming.

While many competitions have since gone on to imitate or clone what Smash TV did, there hasn’t been a like-for-like sequel or iteration over the past few decades. That is until now. Galaxy champions TV comes to the switch on October the 3rd. I’ve been given an early gaze and there’s no misstep those musicians who like the original Smash from which this is based we’ll cherish it. With four different planets to discover and over 15 unlockable upgrades and as numerous weapons to my knowledge and recollection galaxy TV performances as hard if not harder than the original shattering in places it’s harsh with so much on-screen action that you dint blink and if you do well death comes oh so very swiftly to be honest if these twin-stick hard as you like plays aren’t your thing then galaxy champs TV isn’t going to magically alter you to the genre however if you have an itch for smash galaxy champions Tv is a must buy at number 9 Killer Queen black is the port of the highly acclaimed Killer Queen in 2013 this comes out October the 11 th via Steam and the Nintendo switch with a physical addition for this console platform on the 25 th while there are a few subtle changes over the original for example the participate count is now 8 down from and it retains much if not all of its precedes action-platforming strategic nuts and bolts with speedy pair habit romp and ranked modes there’s also a variety of online multiplayer options with team based and up to four musician couch online co-op incidentally come launching the game is also to peculiarity cross play between the permutation and the PC versions this will be further extended to the Xbox one where reference is opens on the stage at some phase in the future now I missed Killer Queen the first time around and with this port I’ll be looking forward to getting stuck into it from opening day one up now at number eight what the golf is already one of the highlights of Apple’s arcade and comes to home computers by way of the epic competition accumulate on October 1st it’s a hugely entertaining physics-based golfing parody with a surprising sum of depth I started playing what the Golf one afternoon while waiting for the kettle to simmer the intention was to stop formerly I’ve spouted myself a cup of tea and there I was 50 minutes earlier still well into the swing of things next up we have number 7 stranded auctions or stranded marketings explorers of the cursed islands to give it its full claim its expected out at some spot in the month onto home PCs by way of steam and all of this generations major consoles while have yet to play it the footage I’ve seen over the last few days proposes we are hoping an open world-wide escapade with plenty of pursuing and breakthroughs to be made drawing heavily from such plays as Harvest Moon stardew hollow Zelda’s back catalog and my time in for sure you begin having been shipwrecked on a group of islands the game has you then take on the number of exercises as you’d expect if you ever felt yourself in a same standing there’s farming crafting cooking and exploration to be done here you can navigate across the islands on foot or by boat to discover treasure implements resources and all the things you need to help expand your camp and ultimately build a ship with the goal escaping the islands wholly all in this appears to be something that’s perfectly alluring and watches a wonderful game to unroll with at the end of a traumatic date at digit 6 liquid noughts caught my eye at the recent Gamescom where I spoke with Deng Kees head of development Gary Penn who squander half an hour with me discussing the project Otto noughts is essentially a game about automating robots by way of programming in what very much gazes and feels like an objective orientated approaching here you depict the robots what to do and off they go and do it you begin simply enough on a planet with one of the first enterprises being for example to chop down a tree for lumber it’s not too long before you’re setting about preserving your colonists happy in a hierarchy of needs type of thing as you grow more automation in such things as farming beekeeping power generation and very much more this may seem like a slow burner type of game and while I can see myself coming back to occasion and time again it’s also a penalty house friendly affair with it having no violence where you can also use it as an education tool around coding and programming this comes to home computers via Steam on October 17 th too out October 17 Felix the Reaper has graced get into gaming a few times over the years in which it’s been in development at its heart we have a comedic nostalgic humor problem recreation which calls shadow manipulation methods where you make directions of darkness in which your persona Felix is able to move around the levels now dear Felix is an employee of the Ministry of fatality with you tasked to ensure beings die in ways according to ministerial contrives much of Felix’s allure comes is not simply from how he looks but how he moves and dances around the levels professional dancers were used within the character modeling which really establishes off in the final product I had more hands-on time with Felix a month or so ago and I spotted it a really classy present the problems from what I’ve seen even further a cleverly taken together there’s also a high degree of subtle macabre humor which contributes an overall degree to the proceedings the music as you could expect in such a game is spot-on with you being able to select what’s put on Felix’s Walkman from 10 different indie artists Felix the Reaper is coming to us via Steam and all the usual consoles with too being available on launch day via the Xbox game pass at figure four concrete geni is a PlayStation and PSP are exclusive and comes from one of the smallest independent units within Sony’s s ie Studios and pops out October 8th you players Asha bully teen who sounds to escape his hassles and fears by way of raising life to the drags within his sketchbook along the way ash detects a strong paintbrush which he’s able to use to see off a ghastly darkness that’s polluting his hometown all with the help of some spiteful virtually impish genies he makes while becoming about his business I believe you can guess why I’m so into concrete genie only search how beautiful it all gazes first impressions with this will chuckle out loud joy and while I’m a little suspicious of the believe it fainting mechanic that uses the DualShock 4 controller review reports coming from people who play tested in recent weeks are very encouraging at multitude 3 and the first runner-up for October 2019 laugh defendant is the follow-up game from the folks who brought us oxen-free with it ready to launch at the back end of the month in the nick of time for Halloween in keeping with oxen-free after party as a game driven by the choices you make and dialogue footpaths you take while playing it boasts two best friends milo and lola with them having recently got themselves killed and being captured in inferno which in this iteration is very much a plaza of hard drinking and solid back to back parties milo and lola do have one option to escape and return to their mortal lives although this makes going up against satan himself in one of those good old-fashioned drinking tournaments i waste some time with after party a few months ago the dialogue is snappily written and the banter between the two major characters well it reminds me of some talks and silliness from my own college periods one of the aspects of after party I really enjoyed in the demo was the ability to speak to NPCs some will give you assignment and quests again this is all being determined by the decisions you make as you play for obvious rationales after-party isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste the hard drinking nature and at times the potty mouth talk well it is what it is so approach after party with all this in mind after party comes out via Epic Games store and the PlayStation 4 with it also being available on launch day by wear of the Xbox game pass there’s a button port expected out some phase in the future at number two and developed by the team who attained slain back from blaze valve Ferris is like the recent blazing chrome a side-scrolling shooter which takes its brainchild from competitions of room back when but with this generations design and gameplay car-mechanics well all told this is very much right up my proverbial alley the pixel skill is truly on quality and to my eye best the likes of the recent disrespectful they truly are that good then of course we have the underlying heavy metal soundtrack which again as good as anything I’ve heard underpinning video games atmospherics all time this is everything I’ve always wanted to see in such side-scrollers and I’m thinking this is going to be an unmissable ordeal for anyone who grew up with these plays on heavy spin down at the arcades and earlier consoles valve Ferris openings October 10 th on switching and PC via Steam with PlayStation 4 and Xbox versions to carry the following month get dressed detective so here we are here we have our number 1 for October 2019 and this is one of “the worlds largest” foresaw plays to come out all year disco misconception opens via Steam this coming October 15 th here we have a pure detective RPG open-world that on the face of things looks like a colossal achievement it’s also huge with it coming in at around 40 or so hours of performance time to get things finished and up to the region of 90 hours if you’re looking to play through everything it has to offer while play time is know label for quality it certainly mounts the style for the level of ambition in which the creators have approached it aside from how enormous it is you’re free to play this open-world in any prescribe there is a desire there are no railings here you can pursue things on a case-by-case basis or undertake several ones at the same time this gives you a huge amount of freedom while also giving you the seat and time to learn and inform the in-game skills you need to tackle the many problems you’ll face while playing this is more than your median detective RPG aside from the prowes form and the overall storytelling the use of a player class and peculiarity organization that evolves while you play with some characteristics being said to have cause and effect constituents that may trouble your character well that’s a wonderful premise as is the so announced inventorying of believes a lieu where your participates beliefs and subconsciousness develops and changes which are capable of open or close in-game possibilities depending again on the decisions you draw while you’re playing a scale here is breathtaking and from a small team with limited resources available it is unable to end up as represent one of the defining RPGs indie or otherwise of this whole generation so that’s it there we have it for the month of October 2019 if you’ve liked the video delight destruction the like button and while you’re here subscribing is as easy as clicking on that subs button that’s on screen now many thanks for watching I looked forward to receiving welcoming you all back here soon for more.

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