Top 15 FREE Android Games of 2018

Hey Guys!. Narrowing it down from 27 games, here are the Top 15 Best FREE Android Games of 2018, arranged by PlayScore. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War For anyone who wants Warhammer gameplay on the go, this is for you. One of the most recent developments games plays on our list, Age of Sigmar burns up the line’ tactical arenas with colorful realtime duels. Made in impressive 3D, amass your army of Generals, Heroes, and Summons and watch them take to the stage with their individual knowledge. Though not as comprehensive in terms of lore and card hodgepodges, it’s a worthy TCG treat for the casual Warhammer fan. It has a PlayScore of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode The Disney iconic heroes from far and near have been rounded up for a round or two of strategic turn-based engagements. Set in the colorful Digital City, assemble your team of favorite characters–from Eve, Stitch, Ralph, or Captain Jack Sparrow–and use their many abilities to mow down whichever hero or villain comes in their way.

With viruses running amuck in the city’s algorithmic alleys, it’s up to your stripe of attributes to stop them. It has a PlayScore of The Horus Heresy: Legions- TCG card battle competition Another one from the long-running strategy succession, but less obviously so. In Horus Heresy, the room marines from the WarHammer 40 k universe have come together. A strategy card play, select your governors well and blend subconsciou and might to wage war against the Emperor. Not simply does it have an epic singleplayer campaign, it also has PvP arenas for you to show off your knowledge in card duel. Having some room to develop in terms of equilibrium, it’s still a more than decent TCG with a PlayScore of Candy Crush Friends Saga Now who hasn’t heard of one of the most ubiquitous mobile competitions out there? Taking the more, the merrier to nerve, this latest in the Candy Crush saga brings together new friends for some brand new sugar chaos. It’s made even better than ever with enhanced graphics and powerups spread over hundreds of brand-new degrees. There’s also a few delectable new game modes to explore, from dunking cookies to freeing octopods. Vanquishing arcade feeling is again, it has a PlayScore of FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION 10 jam-pack jam-pack sections of pure Final Fantasy magical awaits in this pocket edition of Square Enix’ latest FF saga.

A freemium experience, get a free savour of the universe with one free chapter and decide with your purses with every succeed. While it’s far from the perfect play with its crashes and microtransactions, its cool, cute attributes and optimized restricts more than represents up for it. A taste test for mobile FF fans, it has a PlayScore of SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Dx2 While we’re on the subject of poecket sized RPGs, SEGA likewise brings in their champs from the SMT series. Currently grading number one in Japan, SMT runs full on digital, inventing a dark and mysterious narrative for the mobile platform.

Play as the Demon Downloader and use the superpower of the smartphone to summon them into combat against the evil Acolytes. Coming complete with AR modes, PvP Duels, and Japanese articulation casting, it receives a PlayScore of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS From videogames to anime adaptations. Bandai Namco is on top of it all, specially when it comes to their universally adored high-flying serial. Dragonball Legends takes you back to childhood, along with all your favorite personas. Get to play as the famed fighters and engagement against musicians in real-time. Peculiarity an all-new storyline, and a persona designed by the man Akira Toriyama himself, it’s a great mobile-optimized Dragonball experience for devotees of the series. It has a PlayScore of Caravan War: Heroes And Tower Defense A Tower Defense competition from Hiker Games, Caravan War challenges you to weather storms of perpetual combat in their treacherous world-wide. Filled with frenetic PvP action, you’ll build towers like your caravans depend on it. Ensure their safety and defend the prized merchandise until the end of the line. Build up your empire and line up your justifications for the endless splendor that awaits. It has a PlayScore of Found video games you like? You can get them by using the links provided in our description Box.

And if your competition isn’t on this video, make sure to leave a comment. Likewise, you are able to catch me and the rest of the whatoplay gang play the latest plays at our gameplay channel whatoplay live by clicking that icon in the top right corner. Pocket City Free This is the closest thing to the ideal mobile Sim City game we’ve all been waiting for, and not to mention, it’s without microtransactions. Create your own bustling metropolis in this fun metropoli make from Codebrew Game. Fulfill your duties as the Mayor of your small town by creating residential, commercial and industrial zones. This FREE form contains limited features, but for a better experience, it is advisable to buy the actual game for more sandbox content where everything is unlocked.

It receives a PlayScore of Major Mayhem 2 Rocket Jump Games’ simple, hitherto fun sequel to the side-scrolling shooter is addicting as blaze. Grab some artilleries and grenades and be prepared to blow your opponents to smithereens. All you have to do is to purport and shoot at your adversaries and finish jam-packed assignments. Your assignment? Save the world and your love life. Play through its over 50 mitt crafted stages with merriment foremen, light-hearted storyline, and a flair of humour.

It receives a PlayScore of Old School RuneScape Holy sh–, RuneScape is back! Relive the exaltation eras of everyone’s favorite sandbox MMO. Developer Jagex Games Studio brings you the RuneScape we used to know and enjoy 11 years ago. Choose your own adventure, go solo or play with other musicians from different consoles in its cross-platform participate. Not to mention the return of its fun PvP system. Although it’s a free to participate play, RuneScape fans are encouraged to subscribe for additional advantages including extra knowledge, pursuings, and more.

It has a PlayScore of PUBG Mobile Brendan Greene’s Battle Royale game is a record ending success, despite its technical shortcomings. This mobile version from Tencent gives you a portable BR experience. Sharing the same gameplay mechanic from its PC original, subsist a massive island with 100 people and be the last one stand. Find the perfect weapon to spraying bullets to your opponents, steal some uncommon furnish fells and win that epic VICTORY ROY–A oh, Chicken Dinner. It has a PlayScore of Shadowgun Legends MADFINGER competitions’ futuristic first person shooter tasks you to save humanity from a wild race of alien invaders. With a legend expedition spanning over 200 field missions and on 4 diverse planets, what more could you ask for? Engage in epic shooting activity solo, or with your best friend. Unlock new gear, build up your renown, and maybe get on its PvP to smack-dab down some online friends and reign the leaderboards. It has a PlayScore of Asphalt 9: Legends The strongest racing game on the Android right now. Take on the world’s best in this fearless street racer from Gameloft.

Featuring a top listing of amazing hypercars, it is unlike any other racer out there. Knowledge the hyper-realistic visuals of this mobile racer in the palm of your hands. Collect over 50 of iconic licensed vehicles, and boost your street cred whether online or offline. It has a PlayScore of And the best Free Android Game is none other than Super Cat Tales 2 “Theres nothing” more adorable than this sequel to the best feline platformer on the Android. Purr your hearts out in another’ bout of cat-tastic adventures. Join Alex the Cat and his acquaintances as they embark on a seeking to rid the feline kingdom of Cat Land from an horde of Tin Soldiers. Complete its over 100 stages with a cat-chy retro music and cute pixel art visuals. It receives a PlayScore of And those were the Top 15 FREE Android Games of 2018. Adoration it? Hated it? Tell us know in the comments. If you adored this video, don’t forgotten to like, share and subscribe to become a certified whatoplayer. That’s it. Learn you next time . .

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